31 May 2010


Well, now that there isn't much to do after the end of Pick and Mix (other than getting together my portfolio), I feel a bit sluggish. I feel like I should be doing productive, um, like getting my portfolio ready. Instead I've been watching countless episodes of Star Trek, Batman the Animated Series, and Whose Line. But I also decided to spiff up my website a bit in lieu of an actual online portfolio. Was going to sign up for the Flash classes, only to find out I am 5 days too late D:

I think I'll go into school to print some stuff tomorrow. And upload my online work onto the school server. Need to feel less pathetically un-productive.

Shameless self-promotion can be found at www.prapim.co.uk!

As you will see a lot of it is still under construction because prolonged staring at a computer screen tends to make my eyeballs glaze over.

Any suggestions on how to spiff it up more?

25 May 2010

Star Trek TOS Doodles.

One more for today. Promise.

Been watching a lot of the Star Trek TOS lately - still a n00b, though.

I've always had trouble drawing most of the characters from TOS, mainly because I still want to retain the original appearance of the actors and still merge well with my style. As you can see with these sketches I'm still trying to work out how to do it exactly, with little notes along the way.

Can you tell Bones is especially hard for me? XD

Random Christine Chapel because I thought she was really pretty in the episode 'What Are Little Girls Made Of?'

H&W - 'And it was THIS big!'

Sorry for the epic spamming. I just scanned in a shitload of stuff today and am thus feeling perky, despite lacking sleep. As usual.

Just a random doodle in my sketchbook I liked enough to scan in and colour. Haven't drawn these two in a while!

Originally it was supposed to be the two at a play, Watson excitedly gesticulating. Although I got lazy, and now it just looks kind of like he's telling Holmes how big the fish was that he just caught.

Different in that:

1. Holmes genuinely looks happy (which I rarely seem to draw LOL)
2. I always make Holmes wear black which is pretty depressing. So a change of wardrobe!

Final Idea? Doodles - Southampton Row.

What I'm planning to do is partly inspired by Christine Berrie's illustrations - a silhouette of a different part of the building composed of wiring, signage, switches, and miscellaneous objects found around the walls of the campus. Will be subject to change...hopefully not, though. Since I'm lazy.

Miscellaneous - Southampton Row.

And everything else in between.

Wiring + Light + Fuse + Electricity boxes - Southampton Row.

Personally, I find these little bits of the school the most interesting. It just seems like there's all these little networks within the school - a hidden world of wires leading to different places for different purposes.

Stairs - Southampton Row.

A series of doodles and sketches I've made for the Illustration project documenting the school campus. Post: stairs.

19 May 2010

Southampton Row Campus.

Under the right circumstances, beautiful images can be produced in the dingy Southampton Row. In a way, it's got this...charm to it.

15 May 2010

Teatime in Singapore.

I suddenly remembered that I had my initial 'Breakfast' photos from the pre-school brief. Technically, it was teatime already, but I figured the tutors probably wouldn't know the difference unless they had relatively adequate knowledge about Singaporean drink culture. I miss the teh tarik and red bean bun and kaya toast...

My brother and mother also feature!

14 May 2010

Epic Drink Fight!

Sometimes when I start working on moving image, I wonder what crazy thing seized me that wanted to undertake such a strenuous task. But when I see the final product, I can see why I wanted to do it in the first place!

Drawn using a mix between traditional animation and rotoscoping. We got JT and Florence to act as if they were fighting and later traced over them, adding details in the process. During the two weeks, I slept over at partner Mengqin's place for two nights, mooched off her for food, and went up several levels in Taiko Drum Master.

10 May 2010

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

A joint project between JT and I for a school brief: choose a lyric, poem, etc. from a piece of work that you have an emotional attachment to and produce an image or series of images that illustrates it.

After about two days of wracking my head for which song to choose (me being on the brink of choosing 'Daydream Believer' by The Monkees, but not particularly inspired) at about 8pm one night, Queen's 'Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy' popped into my head. And suddenly I could see how I wanted it to look! Why don't epiphanies like this happen more often?

I'm really proud of the end result! Especially since I am a total n00b at photography, so it came out a lot better than I expected. Since we used the photostudio, the lighting was really good; the only major photoshopping we did was removing the specks of dust on the photo.

(Looking back, I should have done Aerosmith's 'Dude Looks Like A Lady' just as an excuse to dress JT up in drag XD)

I've never realised how much fun jumping shots were. Although later both JT and I had cramps; my shoulder from holding the heavy camera too long and his knees from jumping so much.

Thanks to Lillian for the phone, Mengqin for the glasses and for helping to pose JT in the last shot. :D