24 February 2010

Jumpers are cool.

Work in progress; some characters I created a while ago. Basically the only reason I make characters is an excuse to dress them up in stuff I can't afford/fit into/am the wrong gender for. I love jumpers; no longer should they be associated with horrible Christmas presents given by relatives!

EDIT: Unfortunately, stupid me accidentally did an overwrite of my original file, and now I only have a small compressed version. The colours seem to have become flatter and the lineart less clear. The things that could have been...*sniffles*

21 February 2010

Artist figures.

Figures done for my team's SONY project, an idea which was later scrapped, which is a bit of a shame. =\ From left to right, and top to bottom: Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, David Bowie and one half of Daft Punk.

The goshdarn...


12 February 2010

Ribbitt, ribbitt.

It's a tree that births frogs! This makes perfect sense when you see the discussion that led up to it, I swear! An initial testing out of how it would look for our moving image project.

What I hate is that there are periods where I'm totally free with weeks on end of no strenuous work, then suddenly BAM! WORKLOAD. Sony and this have driven me batty. I think I'm starting to hallunicate things. Well, I guess this is the part when someone says "Welcome to the world of the graphic designer."