25 November 2010

Slavery Is A Hokey Concept

Haha, that reminds me of this one time in high school when a guy blurted out during class 'Only Third World countries like Indonesia and Thailand have animal abuse!' I wonder why I didn't sock him at the time. Huh.

16 November 2010

Impromptu solutions for everyday dilemmas: the bathroom!

Haha, the title is totally misleading. When I mean an everyday dilemma for the bathroom dilemma, there is no toilet humour nor TMI involved. Heave a sigh of relief!

An idea for a point-and-click game for a school project. Basically, we have to show how we have used an object in a way that wasn't originally intended for it (improvisation etc.)...I was originally doing a card game similar to 'Memory'...but it seemed the tutors didn't really like it that much. Huh.

I tend to use a toothpaste tube as a paperweight so I can read while brushing without having to hold the book. Hopefully...other people won't find this too weird?

Had some other ideas (such as using a hat to keep the lunchbox warm), but this actually requires more drawings and animation. And I can no longer be bothered. It's interactive design. Who cares (that much)?


Also I am a total n00b at pixel art, but I love it anyway. (Who knew it took so long?) SO. FRIKKIN. CUTE! Will learn how to do it better! It's like virtual candy! I really love this girl's stuff. She's amazing!

9 November 2010

Objects of Undesire.

'Objects of Undesire': My Four Annoyances (Ranging from the Utterly Trivial to Extremely Profound)

Hmm, how do I explain this one without sounding like a total whiny emo tortured sensitive artist type? Sometimes I feel like I feel and care too much. Throughout my life, I find that I become very affected, upset, angered, or hurt by things that most other people simply don't care as much about. It's resulted in a lot of resentment, hurt and disappointment on my part.

I thought: how I would love those people to understand how I feel; yet, I know I can sometimes be extremely irrational in my feelings. This paradoxical rut usually ends with me concluding: if I could be more like these people and somehow just not care or feel as much, then I wouldn't hurt so much, either.

I absolutely abhor baby buggies on buses during rush hour. Sure, there is an alliterative appeal in that phrase, but believe me, when you are on a packed bus, your face squashed next to some guy's armpit, the last thing you want to see is a huge baby buggy (complete with bawling baby) being heaved onto the bus by a parent - who, forgive the unfortunate implications of eugenics and racial breeding and whatnot, probably shouldn't be reproducing in the first place - with an infuriating sense of self-entitlement. There are other hours on which you can ride the bus, why pick the busiest ones?

Good-looking people who whine about how they're ugly (and therefore unloved, worthless, not of value, so on and so forth) (you know who you are) as a ploy to receive heaps of praise, reassurances and compliments. I understand there are genuinely some good-looking people who have self-esteem issues or don't really believe they're good-looking, but believe me, if they didn't believe it, they wouldn't whine about it all the time, either.

It's like, dude. Everyone gets insecure, whether it's about their looks or anything else. If someone as good-looking as you whines about how 'ugly' you are, what hope do any of us normal people have? The fact most of these people I've met seem to equate lack of looks with lack of worth also profoundly disturbs me. Have most of them grown up so long living on nothing else except their physical appearance it somehow became true for them?

Need I go into detail about this one? Creepy men.

All girls (and guys, shudder), come here. Give me a group hug, and we'll go and have a pigging-out-on-ice-cream session together.

Love your experiments!

Drawn for that manifesto given to us in Illustration, of which I can't recall a single word, except three: "Love your experiments."