7 March 2011

Narrative Project: "I just don't understand women..."

My idea's changed so much, it veered off the brief (*in a whiny voice* But it's not my fault, Sion suggested those changes himself...), but this is one of the first projects where I actually feel really proud of the result. Once again the style is not my usual (it's a bit more simple and cartoony)...a la Chris Ware, Luke Pearson. One day, I'll do a project in my actual style. Haha.

Basically: two people have a banal conversation about the fair sex. But wait! There's more than meets the eye...

If you're interested, here are the changes I made:

- Originally, this was meant to take place in a bus, both of them on the journey home. Sion suggested a more intimate setting where they could talk without inhibitions and get to know each other better.
- There was a third character - a woman with a baby - who we were also supposed to learn about, but I cut it due to it being too much content. And I also wanted to work on the 'woman from a man's perspective' angle.
- Originally, the businessman was simply supposed to stalk a random woman walking down the street, corner her into a dark alleyway, kill her, then jump on the bus home. But Sion wanted something even more sinister and over-the-top, thus (with Jason's suggestion) the addition of the call-girl.
- The drunk broken-hearted man is supposed to have done more wacky hijinks in his inebriation, but I decided that if he had a night typical to what any other dumped guy would have, the contrast between him and the businessman would be greater.