25 January 2012

Just wanted to draw a pretty girl.

Never need an excuse for that, now, do we?

Also practicing colouring.

21 January 2012


I know my blog background immensely sucks, but I am bored. Sorry for your eyes. It's hard to find something that can fill a whole background, look nice, and still be less than 300KB in size. I'll figure it out, eventually. For now, stick with the pink.

I feel tempted to rant about the utter dejection I feel about what one of my tutors has said about my work, but I probably shouldn't, lest I regret my emotional outburst later. Besides, it's 3AM, meaning I should sleep.

17 January 2012

Bechdel Test, pt. 6 (I think I'm done)

I think I've got this down pat.

To reiterate, my project is on the Bechdel test. Of course, it's in no way an indication of the quality or feminist subtext of the work; it simply shows that, in the fact that a surprisingly large amount of mainstream works fail the test, that the exclusion of works that do pass the test is deliberate on the part of the powers that control mainstream media, which is still a largely male-controlled and -dominated industry.

My project is in no way meant to disparage men, or even women. It's not meant to be a malicious attack on any agenda. My intention is to simply show - both to myself, a female brought up on and a fan of many mainstream works that don't pass the test - and to others - that interesting female characters in interesting environments are possible without having to resort to putting them under a masculine ideal or resigned to stereo-typically 'female-oriented'  territory.

A positive reinforcement, one might say.

Hopefully the text added helps to give more context and depth to the illustrations. I really struggled to come up with what I thought would be appropriate.

16 January 2012

Om nom

OMG! First post of the year! Huzzah!

Well, there's a work-in-progress show coming up soon and apparently there will be an opportunity to sell some zines. My flatmates and I have decided to collaborate and make a calendar for the new year - considering the fact we kind of need one anyway since we obviously threw the old one out and the living room needs some sprucing up.

And of course being the gushy fangirls we are, it was no contest the theme would be hot guys. So we got three months and therefore three guys each. No prizes for guessing who they are! We'll be screenprinting them, so hopefully I've got this all right...

What a surprise, huh? I actually have only seen him in X-Men: First Class, but his angsty tortured  anti-hero/anti-villain multilingual Magneto was enough to make me love him instantly. Plus, he tends to spend most of his roles in suits looking suave and smokin' (literally and the other one).

I had the most trouble with Mr. Fassbender - I just find his face really hard to draw for some reason. The above was my fourth drawing, and even then it took a few hours of editing in Photoshop (and a few bouts of hair-pulling) to get it to a point I was happy with.

Also, that's probably a really stupid quote to choose considering all he's said, but I couldn't resist. I'll let you find its context!

A very recent falling-in-love. I watched I Saw the Devil a month back and couldn't help wondering: "Who is this deep-voiced, intense, angular man? Must...wiki..."

He's apparently very famous in Korea (some of you would probably know him as the villain from The Good, the Bad, and the Weird), and has a role in the GI Joe movies as Storm Shadow. Gosh, I remember when the The Rise of Cobra came out, my dad tried to drag me to watch it with him. I adamantly refused (it obviously being a stupid action-flick) and went to watch Orphan with my mom instead. In retrospect, if I knew such a specimen of manhood was in GI Joe (no, Channing Tatum doesn't count, blah) I would have let myself be happily dragged along. Well, its sequel is coming out soon, so there's my chance!

Yeah, you saw this coming, didn't you? When I answer people's questions as to my celebrity crush, he will always be the first name on my lips. I'll get a quirked eyebrow.

"Isn't that the guy who freaked out on the set of Terminator?"


"Have you seen American Psycho? He like, kills prostitutes and stuff."

"Yes, I have seen it. I thought it was brilliant. I have also read the book."


So, it seems I have a thing for angular features, a nice jaw, suits, an intense demeanor and a propensity for brutal violence. Um. Should I be signing up for a shrink?