17 July 2012

Have a beer and tell me WHY this happens all the time

Sigh. What I really hate is my inability to finish my own comics. 

What my main problem is, I'll be sitting down reading/playing games/eating/whatever and WOW! I have a moment of inspiration. This character will do that, they'll get out of this sticky situation like this, fight whoever, etc. And I want to draw! And it becomes epic and awesome, and I draw like five pages, and then I think:

"Man, this actually kind of sucks."

"I'm sure I'm subconsciously copying something I watched a while ago here."

"The perspective here is so bland, let's redraw that three to four more times."

"I don't know what look I'm going for here."

"How is this going to end, when I don't even know what direction to take it next?"

And then I get a bit deflated and kind of fizzle out. And it becomes a cute little orphaned project. I must really develop stronger willpower, somehow. Somehow.

This was something I had in my head for a while (some kind of fantasy/medieval setting, you know, with knights and assassins and elves and dwarves and all that role-playing shizzle), but ultimately it's still at three pages. *kicks self*

So yes, I do know this is slightly self-indulgent, but here's a little sketch of the two main characters. They're supposed to initially start out very antagonistic and suspicious of each other, but despite their differing opinions on pretty much everything, share a similar willpower and strength of character. *nods in excitement*


Haha, I drew this AGES ago, just didn't think fan-art was really all that appropriate to post on this blog, but what the hey. This is directly based off Arthur de Pins' illustration, here: [link]

Why is Agent Coulson not here? Well, spoilers aside, I have a soft spot for him, and I...I don't know. He's probably sipping coffee somewhere, quietly shaking his head in bemusement.