30 January 2010

Prapim's Handbags Underground.

Done lovingly in MS Paint, an idea of how to organize my handbag collection's raw data into analyzed information. The zones represent the frequency with which I use a bag, and lines indicate their strap length or size (I should put up a key for this but I'm too lazy). Then I'm planning to add 'National Rail' or 'Links to airport' signs for their patterns. What do you think?

EDIT: Now with a legend!

24 January 2010

Typography Project - Book Cover

For typography. I officially hate the penguin now. It has given me too much trouble! No matter how hard I tried, it just refused to be the same colour as the spine. Now, before you tell me that QuarkXPress can in fact import transparent images, try it with Quark version 6.52. Then come back and we can rant about it over some hot chocolate.

Because I'm vain.

For showing Toby and his grandmother the scarf she knitted me,
but in a way that flattered my good side.

Sherlock Holmes Doodles


Been having an art block lately. I guess this is my attempt to overcome it.

I was initially going to draw the first scenes of 'The Illustrious Client' but it morphed into this instead.

1. Irene Adler says goodnight to Holmes. (A Scandal In Bohemia)
2. Holmes threatens 'Killer' Evans after he shoots Watson in the leg. (The Three Garridebs)
3. Watson's old war wound hurts. (not from any story)
4. The Dynamic Duo!
5. A dying Mary tries to comfort a grieving Watson. (from the BBC radio adaptations of The Empty House)
6. Watson in the Turkish bath. (The Illustrious Client)

9 January 2010

A late-night revelation

I-I've just realised.

My type, according to my drawings, are scruffy, rugged, masculine-as-hell men. The classic tall, dark, and handsome, with a side helping of mysterious and a sprinkle of exotic on top. With razor-sharp bone structure and a hostile attitude.

While this bodes well for my offspring, my stance of feminism seems doomed.

Can't sleep again! More conceptual character sketches.

Wolf-man really angsts alot about not being wholly human.

I'd like to mention that the Avenue Q soundtrack is replaying in my head, and I goddamn well like it.

7 January 2010

Character sketch - Wolfman? Facial hair is win.

A week into 2010, I wish you great tidings for the New Year.