25 March 2012

Drawings from Italy

Florence, Venus, Dawon, Ethel, Lerayne, Inkee, Margaux and I went to Italy for a few days to attend the Children's Book Fair in Bologna. Here are some drawings I did there!

3 March 2012

Superheroman v.II

Hm. So we got our dissertation marks back. Pretty happy with mine, so I went back to look at my Mode of Design, which I am now perfectly happy to post a full version of. (I'm weird like that.)

I do realize now that I've had more time between this project, that the chin IS definitely distracting, but I'll take it in stride. No more point in emo-ing about it; I'll simply tone it done enough to appease the tutors without, hopefully, compromising my style. After all, I'd like to think I'm confident enough that it'll still be distinctive enough afterwards.

This is actually a summary of my second case study (which, in its way, is the main one, since the other two case studies go into more specific situations described in the second one in-depth), but with elements of the other two included. You cannot actually believe how long the scripting for this took - it seems so simplistic, eh? It really was a struggle to condense everything into an appropriate 'comic-book' language whilst communicating my main points.

Also, I'll be happy to let you know my lettering has improved since this project (oh, some of the speech bubbles do look painful). But anyway, you probably don't really care about that. Enjoy!