1 December 2011

Bechdel Test, pt. 5

Last one for today, I promise!

This one's just a compilation of scenes I brainstormed:

Epic/fantastical/dramatic situations that pass the test

Mundane/everyday situations that would pass the test. (Some of them are from my own personal experience, ho-ho)

Situations that wouldn't pass the test, but I think women would appreciate

Bechdel Test, pt. 4

Wow, this is really racking up, isn't it? Anyway, I wanted to showcase one more example I think passes this test really well. I'll probably sound like a giant dork right now for saying it's a video game I've been obsessed with lately, Dragon Age 2.

There's one character, Isabela, who is, um, quite promiscuous, but that's not all there is to her. She is a rogue, and the pirate captain of a ship that has sunk, and she spends the majority of the game looking for a new ship. She's devious, cunning, and selfish, and doesn't care much for other things outside of how she'd personally benefit from them. She's witty and very funny, and can be occasionally compassionate and caring. I personally don't like her too much, but I can believe she can be a real person and I'm happy with that.

In this game, one's gender doesn't come strongly into play in terms of opportunities or how you're treated. Hawke, the protagonist, can either be played as a male or female character, and outside of that there's also Aveline, who eventually becomes captain of the city guard, and Meredith, the leader of the templars. Meredith is extremely powerful, but is also kind of crazy, and loses her sanity and becomes an eventual villain at the end of the game.

In that regard, I like that the female characters are diverse (they can be good or evil, friends or rivals, allies or enemies, and everything in between, much like Lauren Faust's quote) and that there's no normative 'male' default. There are random people in positions of power such as guards and assassins that are women, and no one questions that. All of these women, regardless of whether you like them or not, are given the opportunity to be equally as competent (or incompetent, in some cases) as their male counterparts.

Another thing I appreciate is the costume design. They look functional and practical; something I could envision women of their occupation would actually wear. While they can be sexy, you certainly don't get the vibe that they're trying hard to make them look so.

So, I thought I'd give creating my own characters a go...