29 April 2010


Being a bit of a perfectionist, I cannot go to sleep until I know I have finished everything even though I can still wrap it up later. Thus I have been spending the last four hours coding HTML, slicing images, finding image co-ordinates, and searching for an ad-less, banner-less webhost for my 404 site. So, it is currently 3AM, my eyes are starting to develop that crusty stuff and I am listening to The Dickies in the hope that their energy will somehow rub off onto me.

I was discussing ideas with my friend in Singapore, Vanessa, and she suggested to me how the disruption of flights because of the volcano eruption in Iceland was similar to a 404 error. Should we suppose that flights are website links and airports are websites (situated worldwide, just like the internet), cancelled flights would thus be 'broken' or 'forbidden' links, and thus a 404 error.

I developed my idea as a pseudo-point and click adventure, although the only real interactive element in it is that...um, it has mouseovers, and that the structure of your journey is not totally linear (but not by much). The only outcome available is that your flight, being cancelled, proves your trip to the airport fruitless. Sigh.

Click here to view! The option 'with' sound seems to work only half the time, though.

24 April 2010

Prapim's Life As Dictated By The Recession.

This is for the competition they posted on Blackboard. I thought I may as well add more to my portfolio and try to fill up more of my time. Stupid Flickr resized my image to something super-tiny and therefore illegible, so I had to submit this by email (which seems relatively unreliable compared to the other method of submitting) so I really really hope they actually receive my entry. Otherwise...time, wasted, Prapim, fail, again. You'll know by 30th April (the deadline for submission) because I'll probably be writing another blog entry, subject: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUC--"

"To be perfectly honest, I saw very little change in my life that I could directly attribute to the recession. Other than a few minor incidents here and there, my life (luckily?) was mostly unchanged. I wanted to illustrate how, despite the fact that the recession impacted the world on a huge scale, on a personal level all it really boiled down to was realizing my parents are a little bit sneakier than I thought. "


15 April 2010

I Like Curvy Girls!

Trying out a new painting technique - I admire all you illustrators who have so much patience!

I also have a slight obsession with pin-up girls! I obviously have much to improve on. The paper texture covers up a lot of laziness XD

Also: please tell me whether I should place the circle somewhere else, or remove it altogether. I didn't want the composition to look too plain, but I feel it might actually be detrimental to the composition. So I would like to hear some feedback!

Hail Curviness!

9 April 2010

Prapim's New 'Haircut'.

I may consider actually naming the series of autobiographical comics Proof of How Prapim Fails At Life. Or maybe The Chronicles of Prapim's (lack of) Adventures. Which one has the better ring...?

I pay the price of being too cheap to go to a hairstylist and being impatient. It honestly did seem like a good idea at the time! The sadder thing is, I was totally sober at the time.

On a positive note, it may please you to know that my fringe has since grown a bit longer and thus not so awful, and although one of my friends could tell I cut it myself (it being that uneven, sadly) most of my friends didn't really seem to notice. So...yay!

(Sorry the text is so small! D:)

5 April 2010

Easter Break + A Knife In The Hand Is Worth...

Well, it's Easter! Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! (It was just an excuse to eat chocolate for me. Actually, most things are just an excuse to eat chocolate for me.) I've been feeling a bit sick lately. Not sick enough to stay at home all day and have chicken noodle soup, but sick enough that being out for too long makes my head throb. Then again, that may have also been because I watched Clash of the Titans. Hm. Anyway, my throat feels itchy. I've been drinking lots of water but perhaps I just need sleep.

This was supposed to be an entry into the design brief competition for the launch of 'The Left Hand of God', but it turns out the last day for submission was today! It seems I have just barely missed the deadline :( I fail hard. >.<

I used Jeong Juno's Tekken 5 (clenched fist) as reference for this, which I would link but cannot find online. Check him out! He's awesome.