16 March 2010

Black Frog and the Infatuated Tree

Well, this took forever to upload (considering the original file is a whopping 891MB, having been saved in the best possible quality and resolution) which involved me keeping my computer on for about two days. Seriously.

Done as a group animation (working together with Suhui and Max) as part of a moving image brief, 'Secret'. We were given 'black', 'frog', 'infatuated' and 'tree' as our keywords to work around. Well, we kind of dropped the 'infatuated' and instead actually made the frogs the spawn of the tree.

After many days of agonizing, compromising and not sleeping adequately - who knew it would take four hours to animate three seconds? - as with most animations, watching the product is very satisfying. And look, mama! I drew the tree branches!

14 March 2010

Dr. Facilier - The Princess and the Frog

Unfinished doodle of the super-awesome manipulative, highly charismatic Disney villain with very slick dance moves, Dr. Facilier. All hail the wonder that is Keith David's voice!

10 March 2010

The Many Faces of...

After seeing those particular pictures of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert making faces at the camera, I just had to do this. Also very loosely based on those photos of the Beatles in A Hard Day's Night. Both an excuse to practice expressions and colouring. I have found the wonder that is the Surface Blur tool. Woot!

Original characters: Jojo (redhead) and Gideon making faces. Some of them weren't as successful as the others. Oh, well. XD

Check out a vaguely interactive version I did for practice at HTML here! It fascinates more than it should (probably just me, though).