12 April 2011

BBC Sherlock -- Ooooh, cute!

OMG! I need to fangirl about this. SO ADORABLE!

*turns off switch*

Okay, so basically I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fangirl. (Not that that wasn't obvious.) In fact, my unhealthy love for Benedict Cumberbatch stems purely from the new BBC Sherlock series.


Basically it's a visual novel (you know, kind of like those Japanese sim games where there are some different outcomes but in fact it's just a lot of clicking and reading...um...not that I really play Japanese sim games) and it's a case set after the first season of the series. Kind of a mixing and modern take on the canon stories 'Charles August Milverton' and 'Devil's Foot'. Clever!

The art's pretty cute too! Although I'll admit they take a lot of liberties with cute-ifying.

Check it out even if you're not really a fan! If nothing else the concept of creating a visual novel like this is pretty interesting from an illustrator's point of view. I kind of want to make my own now...