29 August 2011

turtlenecks r awsum

It becomes increasingly obvious what type of guys I like, doesn't it? Originally, I wanted to draw Erik a.k.a. Magneto from X-Men: First Class (let's face it, Michael Fassbender was the shiznit) in his trademark black turtleneck, but I gave up since I didn't have a reference.

28 August 2011

More Sherlock Holmes fan-art, whee

I really don't want to go back to London. Not so much anything against anything or anyone, so much as...going back means accepting there is a responsibility for me to fulfill, classes to attend, etc. Le sigh. Have some doodles in the mean-time.

Based off a page of Edgington and Culbard's graphic novel adaptation of 'A Study in Scarlet', when Watson comes across Holmes' monograph, 'The Book of Life', and is angered by its ludicrous content.

Supposedly, Watson is probably pointing out a case in which Inspector Lestrade has taken all the credit (again), although we really know who solved it...