6 June 2012


So some of us fellow CSM illustrators decided to create a zine especially for the upcoming Degree Show (should I be capitalizing that?). It's based on the theme, 'First Day', though some of us have interpreted it as 'First Time' as well.

I wracked my head for a while. At first, I wanted to do 'the first time I saw my mother cry' (I was young and can still remember the utter, sinking feeling of horror; there is nothing more terrible than seeing one's mother cry), but then I remembered this one particular incident.

It's all true - except for the fact that actually, I fought off his best friend too, after he got tired of fighting me. Haha! That was the day I learned that:

1. Violence can sometimes be the answer;
2. That sometimes, you have to learn how to fish instead of letting others catch it for you;
3. And that my mother gives the best advice ever, except when she doesn't.

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